Friday, April 24, 2015

durian flowers and memories.

 sepals which we didn't pick, but now seller mix them to make up the bulk.

I learn about eating durian flowers from when I was a kid. We junior govt servants lived on one side of the road, some very very senior officers lived on the other side. 

One of the big house had one giant tree. The wife was not proud, she let us pick her flowers, outside where she had the mats. Every morning at 6 am, we went. 

They scooped up from the mats. 

We pick them off the grass. It was hard work and finicky. There were leaves, twigs and sepals. Me, a teenager, was angry we were like beggars. 

Mum said, you be grateful, they let you pick their flowers.

The kind woman was the wife of Chief Justice Seah.

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